No. 1 Brand in Asia


Aided by its industry expertise, SABA Sports has been on a mission to provide diverse and successful platforms for other like-minded operators since early 2000s. SABA Sports has the largest betting pool in the market. We monitor all gaming patterns and can immediately detect any fraudulent bets, ensuring safe operation and accurate pricing of the entire platform.

Over the years, our brand name and sports platform have become synonymous with Asian sports gaming. Thanks to our continued growth and advancement in human resources and technology, the investment required for start-ups has now been greatly reduced. Operators can now rest assured that we can take care of the logistics, and they in turn can focus on their most precious asset – their players.

We use the latest technology, artificial intelligence and algorithms. That being said, we have never abandoned or neglected the crucial human factors in transactions and trading. This is because AI will never replace the judgment and expertise of a human trader. We pay attention to every sports event, and take quick actions when necessary, to ensure that our operator’s business stays viable and profitable.


Industrial pioneer and stays ahead of competitors
Unique handicap and professional over/under in Asian market: SABA Sports is considered an indispensable product creator in the industry, laying the groundwork for its leadership role among Asian sports platforms.
We have created dozens of new gameplay options, such as the first and last corner kicks in the first half, the exact number of corner kicks in the first and second halves, the exact number of goals in penalty kicks, penalty kick odd/even, video assistant referee, etc.
Score: A new and fun way to predict score, used for handicap and over/under
Number Game: While waiting for the result of the draw, players can enjoy live videos of DJs and dancers
SABA Virtual Tournament: During the pandemic, we offer virtual video games by PES and FIFA, as well as live videos for players